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PTA Organized & Sponsored Events

The PTA organizes and sponsors several events throughout the year to enrich the student's educational experience. Explore some of the many programs the PTA brings to our schools each year. 

Science Fair

Pleasant Ridge Science Fair

What is the Pleasant Ridge Science Fair?

The Pleasant Ridge Science Fair is a chance for our students to investigate, create and demonstrate a scientific principle to friends and families at school.

How will students select topics for their Science Fair Project?

Students are free to choose any topic they are curious about investigating!  To provoke some thought, below are some of the Units of Study we cover at Pleasant Ridge.


  • Forces and Interactions

  • Ecosystems

  • Weather & Climate

  • Engineering & Technology

  • Energy

  • Waves

  • Earth systems: Processes That Shape the Earth

  • Structures & Properties of Matter

  • Matter & Energy in Organisms and Ecosystems

International Night

Hallo - Marhaba - Grüß Gott - Zdraveite - Nǐ hǎo - Hello - Bonjour hyvää päivää - Cześć - Zdravstvuyte - xin chào - Merhaba - Hallå 

International Night is an annual event held at Pleasant Ridge that kicks off with a parade of our families representing the country of their choice. Classrooms are set-up as countries, showcasing unique food and activities.

Flags around the world.jpg
Book Fair

Fall & Spring Book Fairs

Browse categories of books, search for a specific title, or filter by age and price. Now everyone can participate! Encourage your child to create an online wish lists to share with family and friends. While browsing, check out the teacher wish lists- books make fabulous gifts!

Holiday Helper

The long standing Holiday Helper program assists families in need within Lyon and Pleasant Ridge community by providing children with outerwear, holiday gifts, books, and gift cards. 

Holiday Helper

Annual Benefit

Each year the PTA hosts the Annual Benefit which is the PTA's largest fundraiser of the year.  The event is held at a venue in Glenview and is open to all LY/PR parents.  We hope you can join us in March for this fun event!

Restaurant Party Celebration

Also from the PTA:

  • Kids Heart Challenge

  • Teacher Appreciation Week

  • 5th Grade Picnic Celebration

  • Literacy Alive

  • Author Visits

  • New Parent Coffee

  • Popsicles in the Park

  • Family Bingo Night

  • Family Movie Night

  • Family Ice Skating Event

  • Character Counts

  • and more!

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