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PR Science Fair
April 20, 2024

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Science Class

What is the Pleasant Ridge Science Fair?

The Pleasant Ridge Science Fair is a chance for our students to investigate, create and demonstrate a scientific principle to friends and families at school.

How will students select topics for their Science Fair Project?

Students are free to choose any topic they are curious about investigating!  To provoke some thought, below are some of the Units of Study we cover at Pleasant Ridge.


  • Forces and Interactions

  • Ecosystems

  • Weather & Climate

  • Engineering & Technology

  • Energy

  • Waves

  • Earth systems: Processes That Shape the Earth

  • Structures & Properties of Matter

  • Matter & Energy in Organisms and Ecosystems

Registration is now open!  For more info and to register please go here.

Email Science Fair Chair, Jessica Pritzker at if you have any questions!

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