2022-2023 School Supplies

We are excited to announce our new school supply program.   Simply pay a single fee and your child’s classroom supplies are covered for the entire school year.  There will be no more pre-packaged kits or lists.  All supplies will go directly to the teachers. 


Goal of the Program

To provide the same, high quality supplies, on the first day of school and throughout the school year for 100% of our students.


The advantages to a bulk purchasing approach over kits and lists:

  • A substantial cost savings.

  • Teachers obtain the exact brands and quantities needed on or before the first day of school.

  • Less individual packaging from kits and individual shopping makes for a greener school.

  • All students have the same, high quality supplies.

  • No shopping or running from store to store for families.

  • Reusing renewable supplies from year to year lowers costs.


Get the early bird discount if you order now!  Click the button below to order.  When ordering online please put your child’s name and grade in the box marked “add additional note to merchant”.   

For more information see the flyer.