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Saturday, January 25, 2020

Pleasant Ridge Science Fair

Our Science Fair will take place on Saturday, January 25th. We are encouraging participation from all of our students. It’s exciting to see what our young scientists are thinking about and I’m looking forward to the presentations of their work on January 25th. The deadline for project submissions is Friday, January 10th.

You can find registration information and guidelines for projects on our website at:

Feria de Ciencias de Pleasant Ridge

Nuestra Feria de Ciencias tendrá lugar el sábado 25 de enero. Estamos alentando la participación de todos nuestros estudiantes. Es emocionante ver en qué están pensando nuestros jóvenes científicos y espero con ansias las presentaciones de su trabajo el 25 de enero. La fecha límite para la presentación de proyectos es el viernes 10 de enero.

Puede encontrar información de registro y pautas para los proyectos en nuestro sitio web en:

What is the Pleasant Ridge Science Fair?

The Pleasant Ridge Science Fair is a chance for our students to investigate, create and demonstrate a scientific principle to friends and families at school.

How will students select topics for their Science Fair Project?

Students are free to choose any topic they are curious about investigating!  To provoke some thought, below are some of the Units of Study we cover at Pleasant Ridge.


  • Forces and Interactions

  • Ecosystems

  • Weather & Climate

  • Engineering & Technology

  • Energy

  • Waves

  • Earth systems: Processes That Shape the Earth

  • Structures & Properties of Matter

  • Matter & Energy in Organisms and Ecosystems

More Information

Please read this presentation for detailed information on the Science Fair.


If you want to see examples on the Claim/Evidence/Reasoning format please watch the videos below: