Go Green with the Environmental Team!


The TREX Plastic Film Recycling Challenge has started at Lyon and Pleasant Ridge! 

  • When: Starting now until mid-April (Earth Day)

  • Who: Parents, Students and Staff 

  • Where: Collection boxes at Lyon and PR.  The boxes will be near the front office.

  • Why: Trex utilizes millions of plastic grocery store bags each year to create its composite lumber product, keeping this material out of landfills locally and across the country. By building a partnership with schools students can learn the importance of recycling, keep plastic out of the landfills and be rewarded for their efforts.


Things to collect and drop off in collection bins include:

  • Plastic grocery bags

  • Stretch film (no household saran wrap)

  • Plastic department store bag

  • Water bottle case wrap

  • Newspaper sleeves

  • Toilet paper/paper towel over wrap

  • Dry-cleaning bags

  • Bread bag/cereal bags


By reducing, reusing, and recycling plastic bags, you and your child can help reduce litter, prevent pollution and save natural resources. Please help by recycling your plastic bags and packaging.

The Plastic Dilemma

Plastic waste is piling up in our ​trash at an alarming rate. Every year about 500 billion plastic bags are used worldwide. They are lightweight, handy, and very easily discarded just like other plastic packaging. Unfortunately, this has a direct negative impact on our environment. Plastic waste results in:

  • Pollution emitted from noxious materials

  • Unnecessary use of petroleum and other limited natural resources

  • Seepage of toxic ingredients into our water supply

  • Hidden cost to manufacture and transport, including the use of fuel


Did you know plastic waste is slow to decompose, 300-1000 years if at all, and wastes valuable space? Litter also causes choking and dietary hazards to young kids, pets, wildlife, marine life, and fish. 



Please REDUCE your use of plastics and waste, purchase products that you can wash and REUSE regularly, and RECYCLE whatever is left.