The Lyon/Pleasant Ridge enrichment program is designed to provide enriching experiences for our students in a familiar environment before, during and after the school day ends. Additionally, a variety of before and after school classes are offered during the Fall, Winter and Spring and are taught by talented, paid professionals. 


Fall 2019 Extracurricular Activities at Lyon and Pleasant Ridge



The Global Language Lab is an educational foreign language program that offers students an opportunity to increase their creative output as well as improve cognitive based problem solving through language learning! Global Language Lab offers students the opportunity to learn a foreign language in a fun, immersive, playful classroom setting.


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Improv training is life skills training. This program is not only for kids who want to be actors; theatrical training for children has been proven to:

- Build self-confidence  

- Increase self-awareness and a greater sense of how one is perceived

- Develop critical listening skills

- Enhance verbal communication skills

- Produce greater empathy for others as a result of character work

- Increase the capacity for peaceful conflict resolution as students learn to negotiate within an improv scene 

- Foster confidence in a student's own ability to create and make an impact and teach teamwork as students work as an ensemble.


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Chess Wizards offers fun, intellectual and challenging chess education and tournament experiences to children of all abilities and ages. Our curriculum is designed to impart the many benefits of learning chess - such as critical thinking, sportsmanship, and learning from our mistakes in a challenging and exciting way. In addition to lessons and traditional gameplay, we incorporate variations of chess games that build teamwork and foster a genuine enjoyment of a game over a thousand years old!  


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FALL 2019 Computer Game Creation Class @ Pleasant Ridge LRC

3rd-5th Grade

This class is ideal for new and returning students from last year or other coding programs. Using MIT's Scratch programming platform, students will create their own interactive media, including stories, games and animations. During our projects, students will learn fundamental coding concepts including loops, decision statements, variables, mathematical operators, boolean logic, events and more.


FALL 2019 Sphero Coding @ Pleasant Ridge LRC

3rd-5th Grade

We are excited to offer our Sphero Sprk+ coding class at Pleasant Ridge. This class is great for new and returning students.


What is Sphero Sprk+? This tool allows students in pairs to explore programming through play.  With the SPRK+ we can learn the fundamentals of coding; events, if statements, loops and more. The best part is that the kids can see how their code worked immediately enabling them to evaluate what they did, what they thought would happen and what actually happened.

This Problem Based Learning approach enables each child to develop his or her ability to think creatively, work collaboratively and reason systematically.

For more information on PR classes and how to register click here.  

FALL 2019 All Girls Build - Early Engineers @ Lyon School | LRC

K-2nd Grade Girls Only  

All Girls Build is an engineering club with a historical twist. Before they begin any project, students hear a brief biography from Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls aligned to their build, and then, they collaborate with one another, problem solving and persevering as they build. Students will explore engineering principles through the creation of their own LEGO contraptions.  


FALL 2019 LEGO WEDO 2.0 Robotics @ Lyon School | LRC

Tuesdays, 3:35pm-4:35pm | 1st-2nd Graders Only

We are excited to continue offering our WEDO 2.0 Robotics class. This class is ideal for new and returning students.  Our LEGO-Robotics introduces students to robotics and engineering principles through the building of their own LEGO Robots. 

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