Code Play Learn (PR)

FALL 2019 Computer Game Creation Class @ Pleasant Ridge LRC | Wednesdays 2:30pm-3:30pm  

3rd-5th Grade

This class is ideal for new and returning students from last year or other coding programs. Using MIT's Scratch programming platform, students will create their own interactive media, including stories, games and animations. During our projects, students will learn fundamental coding concepts including loops, decision statements, variables, mathematical operators, boolean logic, events and more.


FALL 2019 Sphero Coding @ Pleasant Ridge LRC | Tuesdays 2:35pm-3:35pm 

3rd-5th Grade

We are excited to offer our Sphero Sprk+ coding class at Pleasant Ridge. This class is great for new and returning students.

What is Sphero Sprk+? This tool allows students in pairs to explore programming through play.  With the SPRK+ we can learn the fundamentals of coding; events, if statements, loops and more. The best part is that the kids can see how their code worked immediately enabling them to evaluate what they did, what they thought would happen and what actually happened.

This Problem Based Learning approach enables each child to develop his or her ability to think creatively, work collaboratively and reason systematically.

Fall Registration Information

Click here to register via the Code, Play, Learn website. For password enter PR-D34  (case sensitive).


Contact Information

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