Art Enrichment Program

Welcome, and thanks for being part of the Lyon/Pleasant Ridge Art Enrichment program! The goal of this program is to make 3-6 “Masterpiece of the Month” presentations to your child’s classroom throughout the year (click here for more information about the program). 


Click on a masterpiece below to download 60-minute lesson plans along with other resources. Each 60-minute plan has been designed in 10-15 minute “modules” so that it can be customized to fit the time you have in your classroom. You can display the artworks from this website onto your classroom smartboard. Art prints may also be available in your school's art enrichment closet (prints may not be available at both schools). Supplies from the art closet should be used and returned on the same day. To reserve an item for a certain date/time, please use the calendar inside the closet. 


Or feeling inspired? Maybe you could create a lesson plan using a favorite picture of your own. Click here for guidelines.


Select an image below for information.

Ansel Adams
Snow Covered Apple Orchard
Romare Bearden
Return of Odysseus
Wilson Bentley
Paul Cezanne
Basket of Fruit
Marc Chagall
American Windows and Four Seasons
Leonardo Da Vinci
Mona Lisa
Jim Dine
Philadelphia Heart
Winslow Homer
Fog Warning
Doris Lee
Henri Matisse
Beasts of the Sea
Piet Mondrian
Composition With Red, Blue, Yellow
Claude Monet
Water Lilies
Grandma Moses
Sugaring Off
Edvard Munch
The Scream
Georgia O'Keeffe
Grey Line in Blue, Black and Yellow
Pablo Picasso
Petite Flores
Girl With A Watering Can
Faith Ringgold
(Assorted Works)
Norman Rockwell
Freedom From Want and Thanksgiving
Georges Seurat
La Grande Jatte
Dr. Seuss
The Lorax
Gilbert Stuart
The Athenaeum
Alma Thomas
Starry Night With Astronauts
Vincent Van Gogh
Self Portrait
Vincent Van Gogh
Starry Night
Vincent Van Gogh
Andy Warhol
Marilyn Monroe
Grant Wood
American Gothic
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